Bloomberg ads in Pgh market

Published by Tim McNulty on .

The Pittsburgh TV market will be blanketed with ads the next two weeks from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg pushing for gun-buyer background checks.

The Pittsburgh ad features a Second Amendment supporter who says he believes in gun ownership for hunting and protecting his family but urges universal background checks "so criminals and the dangerously mentally ill can't buy guns. That protects my rights and my family." 

The ad ends by asking viewers to urge Congress to support the checks -- which in this case means U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey. The Republican is one of 13 senators in both parties Bloomberg's group, called Mayors Against Illegal Guns, is targeting in the ad campaign. (Counterpart Bob Casey reversed course on gun control after the Newtown, Conn., elementary school massacre.)

A Quinnipiac poll in January found 95% of Pennsylvanians supported background checks for all gun buyers.

Political files kept at Pittsburgh network television stations show the ad (above) could begin broadcasting today and end April 5.

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