Breakfast Sausage: Five stories to read this morning

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A sluggish news day on this still cold, rainy and frankly crappy March 27. This afternoon is the deadline for droppingbreakfastsausage out of mayoral and other local races so watch this space for updates later. While the Peduto camp says its polling shows it in the mayoral race lead, Sen. Jim Ferlo is going to make some kind of endorsement later this morning along with some union heads -- our guess, and it's only that, is they will back Jack Wagner.

1. Sure doesn't look like that federal probe of the Pittsburgh police is finished -- the feds delayed sentencing for a city official caught up in the probe, saying she's cooperating in the ongoing investigation.

2. The feds, who are rather busy apparently, are also looking into Monroeville's emergency dispatch center inappropriately sharing private into with their former police chief.

3. Bob Casey wants legislation mandating VA hospitals like the one in Oakland be required to report Legionnaire's cases, even though that should be obvious. Five vets were killed and at least a score others sickened at the facility in 2011-12.

4. All eyes are on the US Supreme Court and arguments over legalizing gay marriage, but a decision could be focused narrowly on California.

5. A team of IBM researchers studied Pittsburgh public transportation initiatives and found some good stuff, such as bike policies, but a lot more needs to be done.

And PS, Rob Rogers just will not let Luke Ravenstahl off easy . . .

Rog Rogers cartoon

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