Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read this morning

Published by Andrew McGill on .

breakfastsausageSoon to be brought to you in five full-color sections...

1.Jack Wagner won the support of the firefighters, the FOP and state Sen. Jim Ferlo yesterday in his bid for mayor, giving his campaign some serious heft. Pretty good for a mayoral run that started ... yesterday? The day before? Not sure.

2. On the same story, Darlene Harris has withdrawn from the mayor's race. C'mon, Ms. Harris. With a web site like yours, we thought you were, you know, a serious contender.

3. County executive Rich Fitzgerald released the more than 40 pre-signed resignation letters he's been keeping in his drawer, leverage against any board or authority member who goes against the county's will. No, Pope Benedict XVI's resignation is not among them. (Too soon?)

4. Blush, Pittsburgh's premier club for lovers of opera and classical dance, is suing the city for barring officers from accepting security jobs there. Presumably the city prefers to keep its off-duty officers on the South Side, where they don't get into any trouble at all.

5. A Lehigh Valley ballpark is introducing a urinal video game in its men's bathrooms. As the game says, "Bladder up!"

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