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We reported this morning on the 45 resignation letters that active members of Allegheny County boards and authorities have given to Rich Fitzgerald. Space didn't permit some of the details, so here's a bit more.

First off, there's a chart of all board members who signed letters after the jump.

Second, more than a few elected officials signed over their resignations to Mr. Fitzgerald. They include county council members Jim Ellenbogen, Bob Macey and Jan Rea, state Sen. Jay Costa, county treasurer John Weinstein and Corbett aide Mary Ann Eisenreich, among others.

Third, former Allegheny County Health Department Director Bruce Dixon alleged in his lawsuit against the county that Fitzgerald used the registration letters to convince four new board members to vote for the director's firing. Dixon had pursued depositions to find out if they'd signed over their votes. Then he died.

Turns out the four did sign letters of resignation: Donald Burke, Edith Shapira, Joan Cleary and William Youngblood.

Lastly, a few of my favorite resignations, after the jump:



"Dear Executive Fitzgerald,

Please accept this letter as my resignation from the Port Authority Board.

Thank you,

Joseph G. Brimmeier"



"Dear Rich:

Please consider this letter my open resignation from the Board of directors of the Port Authority of Allegheny county. I have appreciated and continue to appreciate, the opportunity to serve on this board which provides such an essential service for the residents of Allegheny County. I recognize, however, that you may feel the  need to change the composition of the board in order to ensure that your agenda regarding public transit in this region is effectively carried out. Accordingly, there may be a point in time during which you feel a change in the leadership of the organization is necessary.

While I am prepared to continue to serve the balance of my term and for any term to which you may reappoint me, you should consider this letter as an open resignation effective upon your acceptance of the same.

In the interim, I look forward to working with you on the vital issues affecting this region.

Yours truly,

Jeffrey W. Letwin [chairman of Port Authority board]"



"Dear Rich:

As per your request, please consider this letter as my resignation from the ALCOSAN Board.

I want to make it perfectly clear that I would like to retain the position on the Board and will only resign the position subject to your acceptance of my resignation.

Thank you.

In Unity,

Jack Shea, President




In case you didn't see the chart in print, here's the listing:

Dennis Davin Allegheny County Aiport Authority
Anthony Bridge Allegheny County Airport Authority
Ashley Henry Shook Allegheny County Airport Authority
Glenn Mahone Allegheny County Airport Authority
Jan Rea Allegheny County Airport Authority
Richard Stanizzo Allegheny County Airport Authority
Robert Lewis Allegheny County Airport Authority
John Ciangiarulo, Jr. Allegheny County Authority for Improvements in Municipalities
Anthony Ferraro Allegheny County Board of Health
Donald S. Burke Allegheny County Board of Health
Edith Shapira Allegheny County Board of Health
Joan Cleary Allegheny County Board of Health
Joylette Portlock Allegheny County Board of Health
K.E. Kondaveeti Allegheny County Board of Health
William Youngblood Allegheny County Board of Health
Daniel C. Connolly Allegheny County Finance and Development Commission
Debby Books Allegheny County Housing Authority
Derek Uber Allegheny County Housing Authority
Constance Parker Allegheny County Port Authority
Eddie Edwards, Jr. Allegheny County Port Authority
Jeffrey Letwin Allegheny County Port Authority
John Tague Jr. Allegheny County Port Authority
Thomas Donatelli Allegheny County Port Authority
Jennifer Liptak Allegheny County Retirement Board
Harry Readshaw Allegheny County Sanitary Authority
John K. Weinstein Allegheny County Sanitary Authority
Amy Kuntz CCAC
Charlene Petrelli CCAC
Charles Powell CCAC
James Flynn Jr. CCAC
Jay Costa CCAC
Martha Isler CCAC
Mary Ann Eisenreich CCAC
Rex Crawley CCAC
Kurt Kondrich Children, Youth and Families Advisory Board
Jui Joshi Professional Services Review Committee
Daniel Griffin Regional Asset District
Dusty Elias Kirk Regional Asset District
Jackie Dixon Regional Asset District
Paul Gitnik Regional Asset District
Bob Macey Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission
David Miller Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission
Lynn Heckman Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission
James Ellenbogen Sports and Exhibition Authority
Sala Udin Sports and Exhibition Authority

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