Sen. Pileggi, aka The Count

Published by Tim McNulty on .

The people over at Larry Sabato's Center for Politics at the University of Virginia today have a long, in-depth look at state Sen. Dominic Pileggi's plan to proportionally distribute Pa electoral votes. Such plans (if adopted nationally) might allocate votes more closely to the popular vote, but would decrease the presidential power of Pennsylvania and other big states while increasing the influence of smaller states.

Hewing to Obama's 52-47% win over Romney last year in the state -- which awarded all 20 electoral votes to the Democrat -- Pileggi's plan would have instead changed the score to 12-8 for Obama. Going over all the complicated scenarios UVa analyst Geoffrey Skelley compares Pileggi to The Count, saying "much like the Sesame Street character, his fixation on counting can be both grating (to not only his political enemies, but also some of his political friends) and instructive."

Way, way more to read in the full UVa study here.

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