Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read this morning

Published by Tim McNulty on .

Good morning. Not much going on this Good Friday, which has become either a real or de facto holiday for much of the public loxsector/government world. But we press on.

1. City Controller/mayoral candidate Michael Lamb is doing a new audit of the embattled Pittsburgh Police Bureau, but not without taking some shots from the Ravenstahl administration.

2. A long-troubled race track in Lawrence County doesn't have the support of horsemen, who were supposed to get a boost from race track expansion.

3. Two Allegheny County Council members -- one of them a Democrat -- are criticizing county exec Rich Fitzgerald's habit of demanding advance resignation letters from "independent" county boards.

4. How weird is it to cover the top courthouse in the nation? Totally weird.

5. Joe Was, man who once ate the chocolate off two dozen Kinder Eggs rather than hand over the toys inside to customs officials, has the good news: a company in New Jersey has figured out a way of bringing them legally into the country.

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