Mayoral outlier Richardson gets DUI

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AJ RichardsonMight be time to close the book on the mayoral run of Sheraden bus monitor AJ Richardson -- police charged him with DUI this morning and said in their compliant that Richardson demanded they let him go, saying he would be mayor.

Given that mayoral-police issues are kinda in the news these days Richardson has some explaining to do. From Liz Navratil at the main site:

Pittsburgh mayoral candidate A.J. Richardson was arrested on a DUI charge this morning after police said they found him slumped over the wheel of a car in the West End.

Mr. Richardson, 36, who has addresses in Esplen and Bloomfield, is being held in the Allegheny County Jail while he awaits arraignment this morning.

Zone 6 officer John Suzensky wrote in a criminal complaint that he and another officer went to the intersection of Steuben Street and the West End Circle about 3 a.m. for a report that a minivan was stopped in the middle of Steuben Street with the engine running.

One of the officers blew his horn, but the man inside did not respond. Officer Suzensky began yelling and tapping on the glass, trying to wake the man up.

When the man, whom police identified later as Mr. Richardson, woke up, he was groggy, smelled of alcohol and struggled to pull out his driver's license, Officer Suzensky wrote.

He wrote that Mr. Richardson failed several sobriety tests and nearly fell over during two of them.

Officers asked that the car be towed and noticed then that there appeared to be some damage to the front tire and rim, as if he had struck something.

They took Mr. Richardson to the special deployment division for additional testing.

While he was there, Mr. Richardson "became verbally hostile stating that he was going to be mayor repeatedly and that he knew his rights and demanded to be released," Officer Suzensky wrote. "When he was not, he made statements such as ... 'let me talk to someone who's in charge because ya'all brothers are subservient to the white man.' He constantly stated ... 'you should have some back bone and be a voice for the black people.'"

In addition to the DUI charge, Mr. Richardson also faces one count of failing to have proper registration.

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