Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read this morning (SPECIAL ELECTION CARNIVAL EDITION)

Published by Andrew McGill on .

carnivalBring out the your boas, bikinis and blocos! This is Pittsburgh, baby, a never-ending party where the campaign money literally has no limit!

1. An Allegheny County judge threw out any vestiage of campaign finance controls yesterday, allowing candidates to raise any amount of money from anyone at any time. That's right: No individual spending caps (normally $2,000 for individuals and $4,000 for PACs) and no campaign fundraising limits. Dontcha feel silly now, Mr. Lamb?

2. Well, not as silly as mayoral candidate(?) A.J. Richardson, who says his political opponents are somehow responsible for his arrest on drunk-driving charges. The tattooedly blessed bus monitor says his phones are tapped and demanded to speak to a white man during his arrest, telling (black) officers he knows they're acting on someone's orders. This is after he was found parked in a the middle of a West End street, dead to the world. (He says he'll plead guilty.)

3. Mr. Richardson didn't stay long at last night's debate, briefly apologizing for his arrest and leaving the floor to the other three candidates. Read the story for details, but my favorite moment: Former Marines Jack Wagner and Jake Wheatley both say they won't need Mayor Luke's bodyguards if elected. They're tuff.

4. After a thought-provoking opinion column on opting out of the PSSA, P-G reporters Eleanor Chute and Mary Neidenberger tell you how many parents are actually doing it.

5. Police residency requirements may soon be a thing of the past, Pittsburgh City Paper's Chris Potter reports.

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