Breakfast Sausage: Five stories to read this morning

Published by Tim McNulty on .

Good morning. Not a ton of news happening today but who cares, it's sunny. Yesterday Pittsburgh's 19 degree low breakfastsausagewas colder than Juneau, Fargo and Moscow. But there should be highs in the 60s over the weekend.

1. Here's a wrapup of the many, many things going on in the city mayor's race, featuring Darlene Harris taking a swipe at Bill Peduto, polling showing the race coming down to Peduto and Jack Wagner (with lots of undecideds), an endorsement from black voters and one for Peduto.

2. President Obama raised eyebrows yesterday when he called California AG Kamala Harris "by far the best-looking attorney general in the country." Who's going to be the first person to ask Kathleen Kane her opinion? (I'm looking at you Harrisburg press corps -- you know there's nothing else going on on a Friday despite whatever you're telling your editors about that "long term project" you're working on. At the bar.) Meanwhile, you can just feel the Buzzfeed people dragging their feet on the thing, knowing they have to do one of their cliched photo roundups, but flip the script by pulling together pics of the "13 Hottest Attorneys General" -- that are all men.

3. Another ex AG -- Gov. Tom Corbett -- is going on a trade mission to visit Pennsylvania's trade partners in . . . Brazil and Chile.

4. Being an international diplomat isn't always glamorous: Dan Rooney reflects on standing in the Irish rain (which, come on, had to happen all the time) and getting kicked out of a New York press box.

5. The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy is going to again try renovating one of those mysteries of Pittsburgh, the Panther Hollow Lake. To get there, take a left past the cloud factory.

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