Breakfast Sausage: Five stories to read this morning

Published by Moriah Balingit on .

Bom dia Early Returners. If you're wondering why we've featured a Brazilian breakfast and are speaking Portuguese, keep reading.

1. Harrisburg reporter Karen Langley reports from our Sao Paulo bureau, where Gov. Tom Corbett and a delegate of Pennsylania officials are on a trade mission. (That's Sao Paulo, Brazil, in case there's a town some corner of Pennsylvania that's appropriated the name.) I seriously hope they're in a deal to import some of that sun to Pittsbugh.

2. Sen. Pat Toomey is reaching across state lines to work with Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia to craft an accord that would expand background check proviisions to include online gun sales and gun shows, reports the Associated Press. It's not clear the law would have much effect in Pennsylvania, where background checks are already required for all handgun sales. They're not required for private long gun sales, however.

3. More depressing news out of Washington from Tracie Mauriello from Sunday's paper. A provision of the Affordable Care Act that everyone actually agreed on -- a program to fund care for those with pre-existing conditions -- has been vastly underfunded. This is what we call a *head desk* moment, federal government.

4. A good read from Paula Ward on the impact a U.S. Supreme Court decision will have on this state's juvenile lifers. Pennsylvania leads the nation in the number of people serving life sentences for crimes they committed before they're 18th birthday. 

5. Very sad news from across the pond: former prime minister Margaret Thatcher has died

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