Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read today

Published by Tim McNulty on .

Sorry for the late wakeup today. Blame it on -- transition alert -- the caipirinhas.Brazilian drink

1. Gov. Tom Corbett's trade mission to Brazil kicked off in earnest Monday, where they did indeed drink the awesome sugar cane liquor 'n lime national drink. It's difficult but possible to track down cachaça back in Pa -- but would it be under privatization? Transition 2!

2. Robert Vickers at the Patriot-News has a great story on how deep divisions and ties inside Bucks County GOP politics may affect Corbett's liquor privatization bill now that it's in the Senate. The chair of the Senate Liquor Committee Chuck McIlhinney is from there and beer distributor/SEPTA chairman/GOP fundraiser Pat Deon is a major patron of his. Lt. Gov. and privatization cheerleader Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley is also from there.

3. The state Supreme Court is fast-tracking a case challenging the mandatory 70-year-old retirement age for judges, even as the (eventually) 7-member court has four members reaching that age the next five years. Can that possiblly be kosher?

4. Mackenzie Carpenter recalls a Margaret Thatcher visit to Pittsburgh in 1997. From the organizer of the visit:

"I told her that President Bill Clinton was coming to Pittsburgh the next day, and wouldn't she like to stay a bit longer so she could meet him? And she told me thank you very much, but she had a hair appointment."

5. In celebration of the Pirates' second win this season, here's a look from the Sunlight Foundation (flagged by PA Independent) of political giving by owners the Nuttings. They gave $28K total last year, with $7,500 going to the Romney camp and the balance to MLB's PAC.

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