Ad hits Corbett on budget

Published by Tim McNulty on .

Another new ad hit the Pittsburgh airwaves yesterday attacking Gov. Tom Corbett's budget.

Little is known about the nonprofit -- "Pennsylvanians For ResponsibilityAccountability"-- sponsoring the ad and it is not required to expose its donors. The ad is running in markets statewide and all we could discover from the Pittsburgh public file is it was lodged from an office suite along Freeport Road in O'Hara.

The wording of the spot (after the jump) is equally vague, but that's probably not the point -- it's more effective visually, with illustrations of the Republican govenor using the Capitol dome in a "shell game" and dollars raining from the sky when the narrator talks about tax breaks for business.

Script below:

It's a shell game. Governor Tom Corbett cuts a billion dollars from education while bankrolling big tax cuts for his corporate backers. And now, after thousands of teacher layoffs, Corbett continues to shortchange our schools. While paying for...

You guessed it.

Another round of giveaways for his campaign donors. All while taking lavish gifts from lobbyists and CEOs. So when Corbett says he is looking out for Pennsylvanians, You'll know he's just playing another game.

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