Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read today

Published by Tim McNulty on .

A belated good morning while the cough syrup does its thing:robitussin

1. On Saturday Moriah Balingit and Rich Lord detailed how Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has been out of the public for a month, despite his police chief getting indicted, a series of shootings left an officer critically injured and state overseers threatened to withdraw their budget approval. So yesterday . . .

2. It would have been a great photo op for a reelection campaign: the city Housing Authority launched its $160 million redevelopment of Addison Terrace in the Hill District (and the mayor was a no-show there too). UPDATE: There was a death in the mayor's family. Our apologies.

3. The Pittsburgh Promise scholarship program launched its second phase yesterday with a full $100 million committment from UPMC -- despite the mayor's lawsuit challenging its charitable status. The lawsuit announcement was the last time the mayor held a public event.

4. UPMC says the proposed Highmark/West Penn merger (at issue in this spring's mayoral race) should go forward, just as long as Highmark can't renew its contracts with UPMC in 2015.

5. The longest-serving Democratic ward chairman in Pittsburgh history, Auggie Carlino of the 8th Ward in Bloomfield, died last week of cancer. He was 84.

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