Ravenstahl: More anti-Peduto ads coming

Published by Tim McNulty on .

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has reacted to our story on his bankrolling of a Bill Peduto attack ad -- he's not very happy, and he promises more ads are on the way.

The mayor made a Facebook comment on the P-G webpage about the story (something he has done before). After taking some shots at yours truly and P-G editors he has this to say about the substance of his "Committee for a Better Pittsburgh" group doing the advertising:

"I was honored to receive tremendous financial support from hundreds of donors who believe in all of the wonderful things happening in our city. They (and I) want to see that continue. This effort is based on that -- and that alone. It's 100% factual and begins to expose the real Bill Peduto. Future ads will do the same."

(Click image for larger version.)


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