Wagner seeks fist bump

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The Jack Wagner mayoral campaign's latest commercial goes positive, featuring the former Auditor General's daughter Sara.

Ms. Wagner, 19, says how her father has "evolved a lot on social issues," notes how it's the first election where she'll be old enough to vote for him, and ends with the 65-year-old Wagner going in for a fist bump from his daughter. "I thought we weren't doing this, dad," she says.

Wagner has described himself in the past as a "pro-life Democrat" who also supports state law allowing aborition. Here's Lauren Daley at the City Paper on his stances on social issues compared to the other candidates.

Wagner's primary rival for next week's Democratic nomination, Bill Peduto, also went positive in his last ad, in which he drove a street sweeper around the city. They're battling for air time against new ads from outgoing Mayor Luke Ravenstahl attacking Peduto and Peduto spots painting Wagner as a pseudo-Republican.


Sara Wagner: "I'm Sara Wagner. My dad's Jack Wagner and he's running for Mayor. He knows what's important to young people like me. He's evolved a lot on social issues [1] and I'm really proud of him. He knows people everywhere."

Jack Wagner: "I want to work with all of you to make our city a better city."

Sara Wagner: "No one's working together in City Hall but he's going to change that. It's why he got the endorsement of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Because my dad can serve the entire city. And this is the first election that I can vote for him and that's pretty cool."

Jack Wagner: "Thanks, Sara!"

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