Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read this morning

Published by Tim McNulty on .

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1. Here's a new one: A mayoral candidate (in this case Jack Wagner) questioning the claims in a political ad. His own.

2. More weirdness: No, there is not language at a local college (like many others) barring students from openly carrying guns. Yes, that's a change from recent language. But that's all the State System will say about the matter.

3. Senate hearings continue on liquor privatization, a top priority of the Corbett administration. But a top Senator says he doesn't support a House-approved bill or the version proposed by the governor, and instead will introduce his own. 

4. City Council's budget chair, Ricky Burgess, wants to use RAD funds coming free in 2015 to reduce property taxes of those who's home values went up after reassessments. P-G commenters say he should reduce taxes for everybody, not just those who had the misfortune of seeing their homes get valued more correctly. Council has been arguing over the funds for a looooong time.

5. Looks like the first must-see movie of the year is this one, with comparisons to "Annie Hall" and "Manhattan," and a long look at the director in The New Yorker.

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