Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read this morning

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Good morning Early Returners! In case you've been living under a rock, without a newspaper subscription or a postal address, we're just one day out from the main event: PITTSBURGH'S PRIMARY ELECTION. 

1. In Sunday's paper, political reporter/sensei Jim O'Toole wrapped up the candidate's last-minute campaigning efforts

2. Also in Sunday's paper, an awesome slice-of-life project by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's photographers. Five were assigned to follow a candidate and came back with some intimate portraits of their lives. (To the right, state Sen. Jake Wheatley with his son at a gymnastics class.) Find their work in this interactive

3. Neighborhoods reporter Diana Nelson Jones writes on an app to track those sometimes-perilous city steps that are absent from maps, or worse, sometimes interpreted as streets by less-than-adept GPS. 

4. Business reporter Ann Belser writes about a Brookings Institute study that finds that most of the region's impoverished live in the suburbs. One interesting find: while jobs are moving to the suburbs, public transit is failing to connect the suburban poor to those jobs. 

While 80.1 percent of the residents of Pittsburgh's lower-income suburbs had access to some sort of transit, just 16.9 percent of the region's jobs could be accessed within 90 minutes by transit.

5. Your #noexcuses story of the day. Meghan Wilson, 33, was paralyzed in a skiing accident as a teenager. She graduates today with her medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh, after already having earned a Ph.D. Megan's words:

"You have to be tough," she said. "You have to be prepared to prove yourself over and over again. Physicians rightfully must be skeptical. You have to be at ease and confident that you can take excellent care of patients."

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