Burger Brunch: Five stories to read this afternoon

Published by Andrew McGill on .

1. O'Toole and Smydo pick apart Peduto's campaign, analyzing his sucess and quoting the candidate in between mouthfuls of victory Doritos. (For more policy, see Moriah's story.) And the spectre has been raised: Will Darlene Harris run as an independent?

2. For that matter, no one knows what Jack Wagner's plans are, though he's barred from running in November as an independent.

3. Gov. Tom Corbett has no Latino staff members, but heck, if you can find one, let him know! Giess what: That is an actual quote. Karen Langley has the story on his non-apology. (My favorite bit: "When the woman responded that she was 'sure' there were Latinos, Mr. Corbett turned, apparently toward an audience, and asked: 'Do any one of you want to come to Harrisburg?' People off-camera laughed, and the governor raised his hands and said,'See?'")

4. Pittsburgh inches up an itty-bitty bit in population.

5.  And Rob Rogers closes out the day:

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