Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read this morning

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Good morning from the Army of the Potomac tent headquarters in 1864, where generals gathered to eat breakfast in Brandy Station, Va. a year after the Battle of Gettysburg. (Don't worry, I'll get to 21st century news, too...)

1. The Post-Gazette has got wall-to-wall coverage of the 150th anniversary of the epic battle. Check it out all the coverage here. And it can't be said enough. This interactive, created by Andrew McGill with text by Steve Mellon, is freaking awesome. 

2. Onto a battle further east and about 150 years later. Gov. Tom Corbett signed the budget two full hours short of the deadline, but other bills -- including those to address transportation funding, liquor privatization and whether the state will expand Medicaid -- remain unresolved.

The signing came after marathon sessions in state assembly, which were diligently covered by our Harrisburg reporters Karen Langley and Kate Giammirise. Perhaps not coincidentally, both are distance runners. 

Some choice Tweets from the weekend:


3. More from the Pennsylvania Assembly's long weekend. Our Harrisburg duo reports on the failure to pass a transportation funding bill. As Jon Schmitz wrote a couple of weeks ago, failure to fund transportation could have crippling effects for the region's infrastructure, since many bridges will face weight restrictions that will cut off certain kinds of traffic, like buses and tractor-trailers. 

4. Interest rates on subsidized loans for low- and middle-income students are set to double thanks to a standoff on Capitol Hill. The average student will now shell out around $2,000 more. 

5. Author/historian/amateur rapper David McCullough is getting his own bridge

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