Breakfast Sausage: Five stories to read this morning

Published by Andrew McGill on .

breakfastsausageLots of political news today. But let's not forget the big news: Today's the first day of the Pirates' three-day Fourth of July series against the Phillies. And for once, the Bucs are doing better!

1. We'll start general, with Jim O'Toole/Karen Langley's profile (obituary?) of Gov. Tom Corbett's legislative agenda, which is off the table for at least another four months. Rumor is he's been muttering "Serenity now!" quite a bit.

2. One reason why? Legislators couldn't get the votes together for a $2B transportation bill, which the governor says is necessary to fix our state's ever-crumbling infrastructure.

3. But I suppose this was a bit of a victory for him: The state House stripped out language from the budget bill requiring the governor to sign up for federal Medicaid expansion.

4. What's in a name: House lawmakers have approved a bill to change the name of the state Department of Public Welfare to the Department of Human Services, citing the stigmatism. To which the ever-irascible state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe retorts: ""I think there should be a stigmatism for being on welfare ... You should not be satisfied with living off the fruit of your neighbor's labor."

5. Lastly, here at home: City leaders held a closed-door meeting between Homewood activists and police to soothe tensions after an officer arrested a schoolteacher last week — outside a meeting between Homewood activists and police to soothe tensions.

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