At 24 percent, Corbett dismisses "speculation"

Published by Karen Langley on .

The talker that kicked off the post-holiday week? A new poll finding only 24 percent of Pennsylvania voters -- and 43 percent of Republican voters -- believe Gov. Tom Corbett deserves re-election.

The survey from Harper Polling, run by former Republican strategist and pollster Brock McCleary, found better odds for a generic Republican candidate than for the actual Republican governor. 

Republican candidate X has the support of 40 percent of the electorate, while Corbett has the support of 24 percent, the survey found. Among Republicans, 79 percent would support the GOP standard bearer, but just 43 percent say their GOP governor should get another term.

While the survey found voters none too enthusiastic about Corbett, it did show wide support for what he will surely hold out as a major accomplishment: on-time budgets that don't raise taxes.

Sixty-seven percent of voters said it is very important that lawmakers pass a budget before the deadline, and 56 percent said it is very important the budget include no tax increases for a third consecutive year.

Democrats are lining up to challenge the governor, and previous polls have also shown bad numbers.

But Corbett isn't ceding ground. At an appearance this morning in Hershey, a reporter asked him to react "to speculation that you will not run for re-election."

"It's totally wrong," he said. "People love to speculate about that all the time."

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