Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read this morning

Published by Andrew McGill on .

If you survived Superstorm Pittsburgh without getting soaked, you were treated to a beautiful sunset last night. Natural beauty of that caliber doesn't come along every day.

Just take a look.


1. Not strictly political, but perhaps a lawsuit waiting to happen: UPMC will ban employees from smoking at any time during their workday, even if they're on break and off hospital property. Even using electronic cigarettes, regarded by some as a cessation tool, is forbidden.

2. It's gotten this bad: Two public schools are paying for TV ads to market their, you know, free education. Adminstrators say the ads dispel "myths" and show the opportunities charter schools don't offer.

3. A Westmoreland County state legislator wants to disband Allegheny County's air pollution department, saying it duplicates services provided by the state Department of Environmental Protection. Local officials disagree and say residents would lose their voice if the department was folded.

4. Welp: State lawmakers are slinking back to Harrisburg from their summer breaks to sign a vital portion of next year's budget.

5. And PA Independent reports on how more than $1 million in Medicare dollars have been spent on illegal prescriptions in Pennsylvania. Apparently some people think your social worker can write you a scrip?

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