Breakfast Sausage: 5 Big stories to read this morning

Published by Tim McNulty on .

Good morning. Beautiful day in Pittsburgh that seems perfect for Big Star.

1. Full story here on AG Kathleen Kane bowing out of the state's DOMA defense, with comments from Daryl Metcalfe and other critics. (Kane is defending voter ID however.)

2. The Steelers and the parking lot operator for Heinz Field are feuding over the public perception of the last Kenny Chesney concert, which produced >50 tons of trash, including buckets and boxes used as disposable toilets. Chesney's management was angered by the public outcry, the Steelers say.

3. Apparently if you're going to cover a city bridge in yard the Pittsburgh Police Bureau will charge you $7,500 during installation and removal. Where does that money go anyway?

4. After bitter debate the House approved a farm bill yesterday that stripped out the Supplemental Nutrition program, meaning food stamps aren't part of the legislation for the first time in 40 years. Voting was party-line in Pa with all Rs in favor and all Dems against.

5. The trailer for the next Christian Bale movie shot around Pittsburgh -- "Out of the Furnace" -- is out and looking very industrial Appalachian.

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