Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read this morning

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1. The Pa political world will be waiting all day for more word of top staff changes in the embattled Corbett administration. The guv is replacing his latest chief-of-staff with more of a war-time consigliere. UPDATE: Our pal Alex Roarty at National Journal has a fresh look at Corbett's woes.

2. City Councilman Ricky Burgess introduced a huge, $100 million redevelopment plan for the Pittsburgh's long-struggling Larimer neighborhood yesterday but it's on a remarkably tight deadline. He needs approval by early September and council's about to go on its month-long August vacation. (They prefer the term "recess.")

3. Oy. If you live in the city's western neighborhoods up to McKees Rocks your main route into town will be closed down . . . for two whole years.

4. That was fast: Democratic party officials will tap their official candidate to replace Patrick Dowd on city council this coming Sunday. Other Dems can go on the Nov. 5 ballot as independents. 

5. Penn State remains crazy. The chairman of its board is now among those criticizing the findings in the Freeh report (which led to the school's NCAA slapdown) . . . even though it was the board that paid for the report and signed on to its recommendations.  Oh, and the administration isn't releasing preliminary findings in a federally-mandated crime report on the Sandusky rape scandal.

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