Odd bedfellows on NSA bill

Published by Tim McNulty on .

It isn't very often that Mike Doyle and Keith Rothfus are going to vote the same way on a high-profile bill, but that's what happened yesterday in a failed House effort to rein in the NSA's power.

As this NYT story notes the usual Capitol Hill alliances were out the window as House leadership joined with the White House to preserve the agency's data-gathering powers, while liberal Dems (ie, Doyle) joined with conservative Rs (such as Rothfus) teamed up over privacy concerns. The bid narrowly failed 205-217.

In Pa, the 18-member congressional delegation split 8-9 with one absence. Every Democrat but Allyson Schwartz voted in favor of the failed bill, joined by Republicans Rothfus, Mike Fitzpatrick, Scott Perry and Glenn Thompson.

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