Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read this morning

Published by Andrew McGill on .

breakfastsausageBRRR! From the way the newscasters were talking this morning, it sounds like none of us will survive the wintry chill that has stolen over our summer!

1. Two challengers for Patrick Dowd's vacant city council seat are tussling in court, with the loser of the Democratic nomination saying the vote was improperly handled.

2. The U.S. Senate has reached a deal on student loan rates, reducing the cost for students today but tying future interest rates to the market, meaning younger students could rack up a bigger bill as the economy improves.

3. U.S. House lawmakers are grilling EPA officials on fracking studies, with some (Republicans) accusing the agency of trying to find excuses to regulate.

4. A Montgomery County registrar of wills' defiant decision to issue same-sex marriage licenses  has drawn plenty of interest from gay couples.

5. And the P-G comes out in favor of including state-related universities in the state's right-to-know law, which would require Pitt and Penn State to release far more documentation than they currently do.

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