Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read this morning

Published by Moriah Balingit on .

It's Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday. Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend. Yes, we're wrapping up a molasses slow political news week in Pittsburgh with Rebecca Black. Hit it, girl!

1. Bill Schackner reports that Clarion University is laying off several employees and dissolving its entire College of Education. The layoffs could be a harbinger for financial woes in universities across the state. He reports:

The plan, shared electronically with university employees late Thursday, illustrates the escalating financial strains across the 14 schools of the State System of Higher Education, which saw its state appropriation cut by 18 percent three years ago and more recently has suffered enrollment losses as the state's high school graduation rate declines.

2. There's something fishy about a handful of parking tickets issued in late July Downtown. My story on a Pittsburgh Parking Authority investigation.

3. Alex Zimmerman and Lexi Belcufine talked to Egyptians in Pittsburgh who reflected on the horror in their homeland. Alaa Shalaby had this sharp observation:

"You cannot support a dictatorial regime and say it will lead us to democracy."

4. Business reporter Patricia Sabatini, who has exposed a lot of icky things in restaurants, writes today about an app that allows diners to check if others have gotten sick at another restaurant. I guess you could call it the anti-Yelp.  It's called -- and I'm not making this up -- nEmesis, a riff on the word "emesis." That's the medical term for vomiting. We hope you've eaten breakfast already. 

5. The feds released $67 million in grants aimed at helping people understand the new health care law, reports Tracie Mauriello. I'm crossing my fingers this includes commissions for a new School House Rock.

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