Where have Pa. lobbyists spent the most? Not on lobbying reform

Published by Andrew McGill on .

Take a look at this report on lobbying disclosures from WITF's Mary Wilson: Apparently more than a few Harrisburg politicos neglected to disclose free tickets they received to a Philadelphia gala.

Made me take a look at the Pennsylvania Department of State's lobbying disclosure website, which can give some limited insight into how interest groups are targeting politicians.

Can't say I'm well-versed in it — the per-lobbyist disclosures are annoyingly vague — but enjoyed looking at Pennsylvania's top lobbying priorities, calculated by dollars spent per issue.

Full list is after the jump, but why don't we have some fun first. Take a guess:

What is the top priority for Pennslyvania lobbyists? free polls  
What issue got the least money? free polls  

And the full results...

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