Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read today

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 Good morning and happy Tuesday. Here's some links to savor this morning.

1. Karen Langley writes on (yet another) effort to shrink the Pennsylvania State Legislature, which is one of the largest in the country. House Speaker Sam Smith is introducing another set of bills this year to shrink the House -- which currently stands at 203 -- by 50 seats. Said Mr. Smith:

"At our current size, I feel that sometimes the members just don't have the time to communicate with each other, in the sense of getting an understanding of what the other person's trying to do," he said.

That's why Mr. Smith's bill also includes provisions that House members from opposite sides of the aisle participate in trust exercises, sing campfire songs and say one nice thing about a member of the opposing party everyday. (That last part was a joke.)

2. Videotaping is both aiding and complicating things for police, reports Liz Navratil. Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala said officers will receive training on when citizens are permitted to tape them. And, he announced Monday, Pittsburgh police officers have been instructed to tape interviews for investigations of sexual assault cases. 

3. PA Independent has the latest on the financial mess that may force Philadelphia School District to postpone the start of the academic year. The district wants to borrow $50 million to keep its schools open (or, to open them at all), but Moody's has rated the district's credit at junk.

4. Remember the financial crisis of 2008? And remember the reforms that were passed to prevent it from happening again? Yeah, those haven't been totally implemented yet. The New York Times writes that Pres. Barack Obama met with top regulators Monday to be like, "C'mon guys, can we do this thing?"

5. Today in weird court news: the attorney for Ken Konias, charged with killing an armored car driver and making off with millions in cash, has requested a postponement so Mr. Konias can have a psychological evaluation for tattoos he got in jail

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