Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read this morning

Published by Andrew McGill on .

breakfastsausageYou know, this Early Returner got another one of his not-infrequent visits from independent mayoral candidate Les Ludwig last night, and guess what! We grew up near each other.

And that might be the first thing you know about Les Ludwig.

1. Same old song and dance as anti-fracking activists filled Allegheny County Council's meeting last night, with 50 folks speaking against plans to drill beneath Deer Lakes Park. (There actually was singing. I might have missed the dancing.) They watched as Matt Drozd's motion to put park drilling up for a referendum was (perhaps only temporarily) shot down.

2. The admistration must be tired of eating farewell cake in the break room by now: Eight leaders have left Pittsburgh Public Schools since the beginning of 2013, Eleanor Chute reports.

3. Alas, poor Khoury, I knew him well: Penn State's student trustee Peter Khoury has withdrawn from a lawsuit against the NCAA, freeing him up to participate more fully in the search for a new university president.

4. This morning, the Port Authority debuted its new bus tracker, which is currently only available for the P1. Check it out here.

5. In honor of myself and Mr. Ludwig (though he's techinically from Ogontz Ave.): The beautiful Philadelphia suburb of Cheltenham, birthplace of Reggie Jackson, home to Bill Cosby and a great place to grow up.

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