Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read this morning

Published by Tim McNulty on .

Good morning.breakfastsausage

1. Fresh reports are coming in about Gov. Tom Corbett agreeing to expand Medicaid in some way, which Kate Giammarise previewed early in the week.

2. The House (like the Senate before it) is closer to some kind of funding formula to fix dams/locks first authorized for rehauls in 1992, but which now might not get fixed until 2033. In related news Sen. Bob Casey is pushing a local bridge funding plan.

3. The Steelers and the city's sports authority may come to an agreement on funding 3,000 new seats for Heinz Field.

4. From yesterday but for the future clip-file: Add AFL-CIO head Rich Trumka to the list of some of those in organized labor questioning parts of Obamacare.

5. As long as you're on the Times site, might as well re-read the breathtaking sermon on Syria from Vladimir Putin.

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