Shuster turns to Twitter and cartoons to explain water plan

Published by Tracie Mauriello on .

Have a question about the latest proposal to renew the Water Resources Reform and Development Act? If you can ask it in 140 characters or less, you're in luck. 

House Transportation Committee Chairman Bill Shuster, R-Blair, is planning a "Twitter town hall" to discuss his bill.

Since the name of the bill uses up 42 of your 140 characters, allow Early Returns to suggest the acronym WRRDA. That’s what it’s known as on The Hill. (Pronounced WORD-uh.

Mr. Shuster will take to the Twitosphere at 4:30 Tuesday to answer your most pressing questions about the bill to fund essential waterways projects including the locks and dams essential to the regional economy.

You don't have to wait until then to ask questions. Submit them now using the hashtag #WRRDA. 

The subject may be dry (pun intended), but Mr. Shuster is doing his best to make it accessible to the masses. He even created this spiffy video reminiscent of that classic Saturday morning cartoon where an evil artist -- later revealed to be Bugs Bunny -- aggravates Daffy Duck.

“With so much going on in our country and in the world today, conveying to our constituents the importance of a bill to improve water transportation infrastructure can be challenging,” Mr. Shuster said. (Post-Gazette writer Len Boselovic ably meets the challenge in this story today.)

“The fact is, transportation and infrastructure impact our everyday lives, and often in ways that we don’t necessarily think about while we’re getting ready for work, getting the kids off to school, or getting supper on the table,” Mr. Shuster said. “We created this video to talk about the importance of this infrastructure in a way that may be more relatable … to show how WRRDA matters.”

For more information, visit the House Transportation Committee website

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