Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read today

Published by Moriah Balingit on .


Top of the morning to ya, Early Returns. In honor of the Steelers eating it in London, here's a photo of a good ol' English breakfast, courtesy of the Sly Oyster blog.

1. Let's start off on a positive note. In honor of the Pirates enter the postseason right here in the Steel City on Tuesday, here's a fascinating profile of the man behind the screen, owner Bob Nutting. 

2. And now onto doomsday. A shutdown of the federal government is looming and could have serious repercussions in Western Pennsylvania, reports Tracie Mauriello. If you're still confused about the mess, Buzzfeed has this helpful guide in which Ferris Bueller explains the shutdown.

3. More doomsday: Lyme disease, which is contracted from deer ticks, is on the rise in Western Pennsylvania

4. From Sunday's paper, Liz Navratil writes about how detectives solved a cold-case rape

5. Folks are concerned about what Obamacare means for perscription drug coverage, writes Bill Toland

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