The street sweeper returns

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The street sweeper is back.

Bill Peduto isn't letting his laughably weak opposition deter him from running television commercials prior to the general election.  He and his production team were making stops though the city yesterday collecting footage of a variety of iconic Pittsburgh spots as a background settings for the new campaign.   Of course, there's no way of telling what will make it to the screen and what will end up  on the cutting room floor, but his production team was bopping around the city yesterday, collecting shots at locales such as Pamela's Restaurant in the Strip, Littles Shoe Store in Squirrel Hill, the Ducky tour boats, and the city's newest icon, the Big Duck on the Allegheny.

The street sweeper from Mr. Peduto's closing primary commercial was spotted at lunchtime, maneuvering around the Smallman Street outside the eastern end of the Terminal Building as Mr. Peduto's aides hovered nearby.

The forthcoming ad, like Mr. Peduto's primary commercials is being produced by Putnam Partners, a Democratic firm whose resume includes Barack Obama's 30-minute special before the 2008 election and the "47 Percent'' ad in the 2012 campaign, which played the recording of Mitt Romney's notorious analysis of the people who are dependent on government while pictures of ordinary Americans followed one another across the screen. The firm also did Bob Casey's commercials last year, as well as former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson's widely praised "job interview" ad during his run for president.

 One of their ads that's a favorite of Mr. Peduto was done for John Hickenlooper's successful campaign for governor of Colorado. It showed repeated images of Mr. Hickenlooper taking shower after shower -- he was clothed, mercifully -- to illustrate his distaste for negative ads.  Of course the message from that spot didn't keep Mr. Peduto from hitting back at a negative ad from the Jack Wagner with his own negative response last spring.

Photo: Bill Peduto tweet

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