(Not so) special elections

Published by Tim McNulty on .

I have a story today on the Nov. 5 special election to replace Patrick Dowd on city council that mentions that every council district (except Bill Peduto's District 8) has hosted one of the odd, mid-term contests over the years. For major-league city politics nerds here's a list of all of them, with the winner listed first and the person they replaced in parentheses:

District 1: Darlene Harris (Luke Ravenstahl), 2006

District 2: Theresa Kail Smith (Dan Deasy), 2009

District 3: Jeff Koch (Gene Ricciardi), 2006

District 4: Jim Motznik (Michael Diven), 2001

District 5: Tucker Sciulli (Bob O'Connor), 2003

District 6: Sala Udin (Christopher Smith), 1995

District 7: Len Bodack (Jim Ferlo), 2003

District 8: None

District 9: Twanda Carlisle (Valerie McDonald), 2002

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