Cawley hospitalized, "doing good"

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Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley was hospitalized overnight after feeling light-headed while presiding over the Senate, spokesman Chad Saylor said.

"He's doing good," Saylor said midday Tuesday. "They're still awaiting some tests, trying to figure out what exactly is going on."

Cawley was on the Senate rostrum about 3 p.m. Monday when he began to feel "a little light-headed," Saylor said.

The lieutenant governor signaled to have a senator take over the proceedings and went to the rear of the chamber, where a nurse suggested he go to the hospital for further assessment.

Cawley, 44, had a physical exam earlier this year that revealed nothing out of the ordinary, Saylor said. He said he expected the tests at Harrisburg Hospital would run into the afternoon.

"He was in good spirits, awake and alert and anxious to get back to work," Saylor said. "He was checking his emails, trying to stay abreast of the transportation debate.


Cawley has been released from the hospital. From his office:

Harrisburg – Lt. Governor Jim Cawley was discharged from Harrisburg Hospital around 3 p.m. today after undergoing a series of medical tests. Cawley was admitted to the hospital Monday after feeling dizzy and light-headed.

It was determined that Cawley's blood pressure was elevated and he had an increased heart rate. He has been prescribed blood pressure medication and will continue to be monitored.

Cawley, 44, will work from home over the next few days and is expected to resume his schedule by next week.

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