Ravenstahl's winter rules

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In case you missed it, great catch today by Moriah Balingit on Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's recent PR campaign via Twitter -- while has lately come out of the shadows to extoll his adminstration's accomplishments, and remind city residents he's still at work through the year, at least two of his recent tweets were not sent from the work events he described.

According to Twitter location tools, one was sent from near his house in Fineview. Another (above) about a budget meeting was from Bushwood, er, the Shannopin Country Club in Ben Avon Heights, where he has paid for his membership using campaign finance funds.

UPDATE The mayor explains:

"The fact that the tweets weren't sent in real time doesn't in any way from my perspective take away from the fact that those meetings did happen," he said "There was no intent in any way to mislead people.

"I don't think those tweets suggest at work at that moment," he said.

Tuesday, his office refused to discuss where the mayor was when the tweets were sent.

Mr. Ravenstahl explained that he went home on Friday to get retrieve his phone charger and then returned to work. Tuesday, he said he was at Shannopin Country Club getting lunch "discussing business," but did not play golf.

He would not say who he was eating lunch with. When asked whether he was job-hunting or conducting city business, he said, "a little bit of both."

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