Breakfast Sausage: Five stories to read this morning

Published by Andrew McGill on .


1. Penn State will pay nearly $60 million to 26 men who say they were abused by former football coach Jerry Sandusky. The university's president says he doesn't want to drag the victims through a trial.

2. Looks like U.S. Steel won't be moving into Oxford Development Co.'s proposed 33-story skyscraper, throwing a wrench into building plans and possibly pushing Oxford to consider renovating its current landmark tower instead.

3. Gun owners have stopped lining up outside the county courthouse for concealed-carry permits, giving the Sheriff's Office some breathing room and lowering the wait to 10 days.

4. The head of Pennsylvania's hospital association may have given his blessing to Gov. Tom Corbett's Medicaid plan, which would help low-income residents buy private insurance with federal money.

5. For land-use policy wonks: Philadelphia City Council has approved creating a "land bank," which would collect and dispose of vacant city property.

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