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While Gov. Tom Corbett's plan to privatize the state's liquor stores remains mired in the Legislature, the union that's the chief opponent of the plan announced its backing for state Treasurer Rob McCord in the crowded filed of hopefuls for the Democratic nomination to oppose the governor next year.  You'll find the McCord release heralding the new endorsement after the jump.




Bryn Mawr, PA - Today the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776 announced that it is endorsing Pennsylvania State Treasurer Rob McCord in the Democratic primary for Pennsylvania governor.  Local 1776 represents nearly 22,000 members in Pennsylvania.

“After much consideration, the UFCW Local 1776 Executive Board has chosen to endorse Rob McCord in the 2014 Pennsylvania governor's race,” said Wendell Young, IV, president of Local 1776.  “As State Treasurer, Rob has stood on the side of working men and women on issues that include jobs, the economy, and a fair budget.  Rob has made clear that he supports the jobs of the 3,500 UFCW members who work in our publicly owned PA Wine and Spirits Stores.  He knows these members work diligently to provide the commonwealth with great service and safety while helping to generate millions of dollars a year that benefits all Pennsylvania taxpayers.  On behalf of the entire Local 1776 Executive Board and our 22,000 members, I'm pleased to announce our strong support for Rob McCord's campaign for Governor.  Rob will be a great governor and he will be sure Pennsylvania starts investing in working families again.”

“I am deeply grateful for this big endorsement," McCord said.  "The hardworking men and women of Local 1776 have been among the hardest hit by the Corbett administration.  They know what's at stake in the upcoming governor's race, and I'm proud to have their valuable support.  Somewhere along the way, the Corbett administration stopped investing in Pennsylvania's working, middle class families, and I'm going to change that.  I know what these folks are going through.  As a kid, I was raised by a single mom who worked hard and followed the rules, but who nevertheless had to struggle with financial insecurity.  Pennsylvania's governor can do better for working families and for everybody who depends on a strong economy and fair treatment.  I look forward to working collaboratively with President Young and Local 1776 to get Pennsylvania back on track.”

UFCW Local 1776's endorsement of Rob McCord for governor is another in a continuing series of union endorsements for the McCord campaign.  Previous union endorsements include the Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters, Philadelphia's 1199c, the Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association, and IUOE Local 66.

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