Breakfast Sausage: Five stories to read this morning

Published by Andrew McGill on .

breakfastsausageGood morning. 

1. This just in -- Bill Peduto is offering early retirment to more than 130 city employees, giving them their full pension if they leave the office by Jan. 31. The alternative sounds a bit ominous: “For those who choose not to take advantage of the program, they should prepare to get ready to work in January under a new system of greater accountability and transparency," said Kevin Acklin, Peduto's chief of staff.

2. The mayor-elect is also asking city residents to serve on transition teams, which will debate specific issues and recommend policies for the new adminstration. 

3. Jack Wagner still hasn't confirmed he's running for governor, but he's holding impromptu press conferences in the state capitol slamming Gov. Tom Corbett, so ...

4. UPMC still says it has no employees

5. From across the state: Disgraced, jailed and now-living-the-high-life-on-probation-in-his-mansion former state Senator Vince Fumo has been rushed to the hospital because of internal bleeding.

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