Doyle blasts WH Obamacare effort

Published by Tim McNulty on .

Pittsburgh congressman Mike Doyle is among the Democrats ready to rebel against the Obama administration and possibly vote with the GOP in dismantling parts of Obamacare.

Politico reports Doyle, an ally of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, was among those battling with administration officials at a closed Democratic caucus meeting today. From their report:

Rep. Mike Doyle of Pittsburgh, an influential member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee told the administration officials that he would vote for the GOP bill if they couldn't come up with better reasons for him to back the president, portending a dam-breaking vote on Friday if the White House can't find a way to repair the damage it has suffered within the Democratic Caucus. He further suggested that if the White House can't get the website fixed in time, the president will irreversibly lose the public's trust on Obamacare, according to a source who was present.

UPDATE Thursday's NYT has on-the-record quotes from the congressman:

"I'm frustrated in how it rolled out, and I let them know in no uncertain terms," said Representative Mike Doyle, Democrat of Pennsylvania. "The point I was making in caucus to the administration is don't give us this techno-babble that you're going to do some administrative fix down the road. There's a bill being put on the floor on Friday."

The overall message of the meeting, said several attendees, was that the White House and the House Democratic leadership have until Friday to come up with a satisfactory alternative, or House Democrats may be forced to support Mr. Upton's bill, which already has two Democratic co-sponsors: Representatives John Barrow of Georgia and Mike McIntyre of North Carolina, who represent more conservative districts.

"I think the Upton bill is terrible, but we need something else to vote for in order to keep our word to the American people," Mr. Doyle added. "We told people in those plans that they were grandfathered in, and if they wanted to stay in them, they could, and we need to honor that."

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