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Mayor historicals

Bill Peduto's longtime campaign consultant Matt Merriman-Preston has a post on the mayor-elect's site today talking about Peduto's first mayoral run in 2005 up through their winning effort this year. Among the factoids: Peduto was the first mayoral winner since Richard Caliguiri's first reelection in 1981 to get a higher percentage of the overall vote than the percentage of Democratic voters in the city. (The biggest gap in the other direction, other than Caliguiri's independent run in '77, was the 19-point undervote between Dem registration and the final tally for Luke Ravenstahl in 2009.)

Here's Matt:

In 2013, Bill asked me to continue my role in his campaign as a General Consultant with a special focus on direct mail and voter targeting. I never had any doubt that this was the year that Bill would come out ahead. We had built the organization, we had the team, and Bill had the vision that Pittsburgh needed to hear.

Like everything that he does, the victory in November came in a dramatic fashion. In addition to earning the largest share of the votes in modern campaign history, we did this at the time when the Democratic voter registration is at its lowest point. This was only the second time in modern history that the winner of a contested mayoral election in Pittsburgh has outperformed the Democratic voter registration in the City, and we did it by a stunning margin of 12%.

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