PPP: Corbett nation's most unpopular Gov

Published by Tim McNulty on .

Another brutal poll today for Gov. Tom Corbett: Public Policy Polling finds his approval ratings are underwater with voters in his own party, he would lose reelection to any of the main Democrats seeking to oppose him next year, and he's less popular than a couple GOP congressmen who could theoretically mount a primary challenge.

The Democratic pollster also finds that party's primary to be wide open, with lots of undecideds:

Things are pretty wide open when it comes to the Democratic primary for Governor. The leader is undecided, with 27% of voters unsure on who they want the nominee to be. Allyson Schwartz gets 21% to 17% for Jack Wagner, 10% for Rob McCord, 9% for Katie McGinty, 8% for John Hanger, 4% for Ed Pawlowski, and 2% each for Tom Wolf, JoEllen Litz, and Max Myers. With support split so many ways and so many voters undecided even someone like Wolf could come back to win given how important money and the ability to communicate statewide will be.

Full results are here.

PPP did an automated poll of Pa voters from Nov. 22-25. MoE's differ party to party, but it's roughly about 4.5%.

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