Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read this morning

Published by Moriah Balingit on .


Good morning, Early Returns, and happy Polar Vortex Inauguration Day! 

1. Incoming Mayor Bill Peduto will end the day without that qualifier. See our homepage for an Inauguration Day schedule. Here's a story wrapping up a sliver of Mr. Peduto's platform, and another on what we can expect from Pittsburgh City Council today. 

2. From Sunday, religion reporter Peter Smith takes a look at how faith-based groups are educating their congregations about the Affordable Care Act. The story here

3. Local authorities are commissioning an educational DVD to teach police how to deal with persons with autism. A nice read from Michael Fuoco. 

4. Pres. Barack Obama discussed it back in 2008. Congress formed a PAC on it. And the Utah's attorney general threatened to sue over it. Mark Dent writes about the BCS (for non-sports people, the Bowl Championship Series) that so frustrates college football fans everywhere. But now, Mark Dent tells us we might actually miss the system as the NCAA prepares to implement a college football playoff.

5. In two stories in Sunday's paper, I examine the legacy of outgoing Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and the raising of incoming Mayor Bill Peduto

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