Tom Wolf: $13.27 million so far

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The Tom Wolf campaign is out with an update on its 2013 fundraising, announcing that the York County Democrat had raised roughly $3.27 million last year in addition to the $10 million in personal funds that the businessman has pledged to his campaign. He and the other gubernatorial candidates don't have to disclose their campaign finances until the end of the month but Mr. Wolf, along with U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz have offered a glimpse of their contributions.  The Schwartz team said last week that she had raised a total of $6.5 million in 2013.  That included roughly $3.1 million transferred from her previous federal committee and $3.4 in new donations.  So it looks as though the congresswoman edged the former state revenue secretary in third-party receipts, how they and their rivals will compare i cash on hand remains to be seen.  One way or another though, $13.27 million sounds like real money.

The Wolf campaign's news release is after the jump:

York, PA - Today, the Tom Wolf for Governor campaign in announced it raised $3.27 million in 2013 in addition to the to the personal contribution of $10 million from Tom and Frances Wolf, which brings the total raised for the campaign to $13.27 million. The Wolf campaign raised approximately $420,000 in the final 20 days of December after announcing it had raised $2.855 million as of Dec 11.
"The campaign raised $3.27 million in 2013, and we have the momentum to keep growing our base of supporters in 2014. Tom Wolf has reached out to people throughout Pennsylvania, and it is clear that his unique experience and background is resonating with Pennsylvanians," said Joe Shafer, Wolf's campaign Manager. "Pennsylvanians are ready for fresh ideas and a different type of leader. Tom Wolf is a successful businessman who has done things the right way - sharing 20 to 30 percent of his profits with employees, rejecting perks when he was the Secretary of Revenue, and saving his family's business by investing in people - that is why people throughout Pennsylvania are responding to his campaign."
Take a look at the numbers:
Approximately $3,270,000 in contributions $10,002,250 in contributions from Tom and Frances WolfApproximately $13,270,000 total 2013 contributions
Learn more about Tom Wolf at
Tom Wolf is a different kind of leader. As a businessman, Tom invests in people and innovation, creating good-paying jobs right here in Pennsylvania. The Wolf Organization provides living wages, health insurance, and retirement contributions -- it even shares between twenty and thirty percent of its net profits with employees. In addition to his business experience, Tom also served in the Peace Corps and was a member of Gov. Ed Rendell's cabinet. 
Tom Wolf is running for governor to give Pennsylvania a fresh start by using his unique experience and background to rebuild a thriving, secure middle-class across Pennsylvania.

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