Guzzardi challenges Corbett

Published by James O'Toole on .

Gov. Tom Corbett won't get a free ride to renomination.

How big the cost would be remains to be seen, although there's little doubt that he will be on the GOP line in November.  Still, the mere fact that Bob Guzzardi, a conservative activist form Montgomery County, managed to submit nominating petitions for the GOP primary is an irritant to the governor's re-election campaign.

Mr. Guzzardi conceded when he announced his candidacy that he had almost not chance of winning.  But he's been estranged from Mr. Corbett's policies, among them the increased fees and taxes associated with the transportation legislation passed last year.  Assuming his petitions survive scrutiny, Mr. Guzzardi will have a bigger virtual megaphone for his attacks on the governor.  And while a Guzzardi victory on May 20 seems just short of inconceivable, his candidacy could have the makings of an embarassing headline for Mr. Corbett, if the challenger manages to attract much of a protest vote.

To get on the primary ballot for governor, a candidate must obtain 2,000 signatures of registered voters statewide, including at least 100 signatures from each of ten counties.

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