Corbett allies challenge Guzzardi

Published by James O'Toole on .

Allies of Gov. Tom Corbett have challenged the nominating petitions of Bob Guzzardi, his longshot but persistent chalellenger for the GOP nomination for governor.

Mr. Guzzardi entered the race conceding that he had almost no chance of wresting the nomination form the incumbent.  But the Montgomery County conservative said his candidacy was important as a vehicle to spotlight the fiscal problems that he contends the Corbett administration has failed to address.  While Mrr. Corbett may not have much to fear from Mr. Guzzardi in terms of securing his nomination, the challenger's presence on the ballot offers Republicans the opportunity for a protest vote and could make for uncomfortable headlines for Mr. Corbett if the underfunded Mr. Guzzardi were able to get any appreciable leval of GOP support.

Here's Robert J. Vickers' story from the Patriot-News.



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