McGinty woos middle class

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There seem to be two schools of thought among Tom Wolf's competitors for the Democratic nomination for governor _ well three, if you count former Auditor General Jack Wagner's apparent belief that he can win without running much of a visible campaign at all.

So far, Treasurer Rob McCord and U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz have not tried to match the York businessman's tide of television ads, saving their resources in the hope of competing with him on something like an even playing field later in the campaign when voters, presumably, will be paying more attention.

Katie McGinty, however, while behind in fund-raising, has been operating on the assumptiion that she needs to be on television as much as possible now, before Wolf's lead solidifies.  The former environmental secretary is up with another new ad, designed to highhlight her middle class background and proposals aimed at middle class votes. 

[Update: PoliticsPa spotted a Tweet from the ad tracking firm, Smart Media Group, noting that McCord has made his a media buy for ads that will begin airing Friday.]

McGinty's  new spot is running across the state in rotation with another McGinty ad released a few days ago, though not in the expensive Philadelphia media market,

In it, she says:

"I’m Katie McGinty. I’m from a working family, and running for governor to champion those who clock in, work hard, and need a hand. As governor, I’ll deliver middle class college scholarships and restore Tom Corbett’s education cuts by taxing oil and gas companies, so the middle class doesn’t pay more in property taxes. And I’ll raise the minimum wage, including for restaurant workers – helping those working hard get into the middle class.''

She refers to her policy proposals to tax smokeless tobacco and cigars to fund expanded college and technical school aid programs.  Like most of her Democratic colleagues, she would also levy a new severance tax on natural gas with the revenue earmarked to expand state aid to basic education.  Ms. McGinty has also called for an increase in the minimum wage to $9 an hour, indexed to inflation.  The daughter of a restaurant worker would include tipped wage earners, such as waiters and waitresses, in the new minimum wage level.

Here's the new spot:



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