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Gov. Tom Corbett is up with his first television commercial of the general election campaign.  It's an upbeat recitation of positive economic statistics that makes no mention of his Democratic opponent, Tom Wolf, who has enjoyed a healthy lead over the incumbent in early polls.    The ad's boosterish narration, a compilation of the governor speaking in a variety of settings, confronts another polling reality impeding Mr.  Corbett's re-election bid _ the perception that the state is off on the wrong track.  The latest Franklin & Marshall College poll, released last month, found that three out of five registered voters had a negative view of the state's overall direction.  The new commercial's litany of positive statistics confronts that image with a portrayal  of a state that's on the move, with private sector job growth and a falling unemployment rate.

Here's the ad:

You can read its full text after the jump.



We’ve got a great vision for Pennsylvania.

We want it to be the best place for businesses to come and invest.

For you to come and work.

I don’t want to grow government.

I want to grow industry.

You can see where once struggling businesses now have new life.

178,000 new private sector jobs just in the last three years.  [1]

We had a vision of a future in which the Keystone State was the best place to invest, the best place to work.

(On-screen text: PA Unemployment Dips to Lowest Level Since Sept. 2008. [2])

We didn’t just save jobs here in Pennsylvania, we opened up new opportunities for growth and for development.

(On-screen text:  PA Now #1 in the entire northeast US for building new facilities. [3])

That is part of what we’re doing, is bringing people back to Pennsylvania.

(On-screen text:  Corbett's Policies Spur Economic Resurgence. PA Manufacturers' Association. [4])

I want to pass to the next generation a Commonwealth that is debt-free.

That is better than we found it.

That’s the vision.

(On-screen text:  PA has seen surge in natural gas employment. [5])

I didn’t come to Harrisburg to make friends, I came to build a stronger Pennsylvania.

And we’re not done yet.

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