Budget decision, before deadline?

Published by Karen Langley on .

Gov. Tom Corbett suggested this morning that he may not wait until the Friday deadline to announce his intentions for the state budget.

The general appropriations bill officially reached his desk July 1, so it would become law at the end of Friday if Corbett neither signs or vetoes.

Corbett was asked about the budget after an event this morning in Lebanon County.

"I started working on it again this morning, about 7:30, 7:45 with my staff, going through some reviews," he said. "When I get done here I'm meeting with them again for probably a good portion of the afternoon, and we may have something later today or tomorrow."

He would not say if he is considering using the budget -- whether by vetoing the General Assembly's appropriation or just calling on lawmakers to return -- as a way to continue his push for pension reform.

"The first thing we're looking at is the budget and exactly what's going on," he said. "So any other aspects I'm not going to address right now. I'm primarily, totally focused on the budget."

Months of lower-than-expected revenue collections led budget writers to trim hundreds of millions of dollars from Corbett's February $29.4 billion proposal, and balancing the $29.1 billion document on his desk still required help from fund transfers and other one-time revenues.

As Republicans sent Corbett the fiscal code yesterday, Senate leaders of both parties said that the governor should sign the budget.

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